Is Your Upholstery Dirty or Stained?

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Want to Know the Best Way to Perform Upholstery



As with most jobs, the best way to perform upholstery cleaning involves a few simple steps to make sure the job is done properly. Which is why we at Supreme Cleaning Services in Santa Barbara, CA, have provided a few helpful tips for residents living outside of our area.

To begin with, there is a cleaning method which will help keep your upholstery looking clean, regardless of what kind of fabric it is made out of. Use the furniture attachment on your vacuum, this will help to remove any dust and other dirt from your upholstery, make sure you do this every week. This does help to make any deeper cleaning procedures easier, as there are fewer elements which will need to be removed.

For stains from spills and other sources, the kind of upholstery on the piece you are looking to clean will determine what type of cleaning method employed. To clean leather or vinyl upholstery, you can use a spray which is specifically made for that type of material. Normally, these do not come with any drying times, and you can remove the products using a clean dry cloth. But, when it comes down to cleaning fabric upholstery, you will have to use the recommended cleaning and let it sink into the fabric before you can remove it.

In some cases, the product needs to fully dry into a powder, before you can vacuum it off your upholstery. However, before you use a cleaning product on your upholstery, first try it on an inconspicuous area. This will ensure the cleaning agent does not fade or discolor the section of the upholstered piece before any deep cleaning is done. However, for deep stains, you may have to call in a professional.

So if you live in Santa Barbara, CA and need a professional upholstery cleaning service, call us. Call Supreme Cleaning Services today at (805) 895-7069.